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Home > Smarthome > Dimming and Lighting control > CentraLite Lighting control
Jet Stream System



JetStream uses wireless, radio frequency technology and existing wiring in a home or business to create a distributed lighting control system. JetStream's Zigbee-based technology creates a self-forming, self-healing, mesh network that is easy to install and operate. Nodes (devices) act as repeaters to transmit data from nearby devices to devices that are too far to reach directly. Dynamic routing algorithms built into each device ensure that the data transmitted takes the most efficient route to its destination; creating a very robust, yet low cost, and reliable networking solution.
JetStream can easily be expanded to 200 devices. Choose from 1- or 3-button dimmers/keypads, lamp modules, tabletop controllers, and car remotes. All devices are easily added to the system.
  • Up to 200 devices
  • Up to 100 scenes
  • Up to 50 timed events (per RS-232 Bridge)
  • 512 dimming levels
    - preset dimming levels available for any load that is capable of dimming
    - individual Soft On/Off rates: 0-800 seconds
  • Intuitive PC configuration
  • Software (require USB Bridge)
  • Configuration is stored in each device. A PC backup file is also created during configuration.
  • Dimmers/Keypads
    • 1- and 3-button configurations available
    • Dimmers rated @ 800W in single-gang installations; 600W in multi-gang installations
    • Software configurable as dimmers or keypads
    • Available in White, Light Almond, Ivory and Black
    • Standard Decora®-style keypad
    • Blue LEDs with day/night intensity control §Each button supports two distinct customizable functions: single tap and double tap
    • Physical dimensions without wallplate: 2.65"H x 1.7"W x 1.4"D

            Jet stream key pads                             









 Simple PC Configuration

Configuration is quick and easy with intuitive PC software and the JetStream USB Bridge.
  • Create a JetStream network
  • Discover the JetStream devices
  • Set device attributes (globally or individually)
  • Define scenes and timed events
  • Lamp Module - Add lamps to the JetStream network (300W max.). Lamps can be controlled locally at the lamp module or remotely as an individual load or as part of a scene from any programmed keypad.
  • Tabletop Keypad - 8-button, low profile keypad. Provides convenient control of individual loads or scenes; powered by a wall transformer.
  • Car Remote - Provides 3-button scene control. Powered by two CR2032 Lithium batteries. Batteries and visor-mounting clip are included.
  • IR/RS-232 Interface - Control your JetStream lighting system with a Philips compatible (.ccf ) IR remote and the IR Remote Control Receiver.
  • ETL (conforms to UL1472)                          
  • FCC (complies with part 15)
  • Title 24 Compliant                                       IR RECEIVER
  • 3-Year limited warranty.
           jetstream software                              
   USP PROGRAMMING BRIDGE                     MOTION DETECTOR                                  CAR REMOTE

       TABELTOP KEYPAD                                        RE-232 BRIDGE                                 JETSTREAM KEY PAD