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Home > Smarthome > Dimming and Lighting control > CentraLite Lighting control
Elegance system


Elegance Lighting
The Elegance Lighting Control System is one of the smartest, most cost-effective technologies available for any new construction project. It saves energy, reduces maintenance, boosts security and enhances the livability of individual rooms and open spaces. For spaces up to 50,000 square feet, the panel-based Elegance System is powerful enough to manage an entire property, including commercial sites and luxury estates. 
·Elegance Low cost solution for providing dimming solutions and on/off lighting control in large, complex new  construction,commercial spaces.
·Astronomical clock provides automated scene control based on an absolute time or based on sunrise and sunset.
·Scalable - control a minimum of 24 loads and a maximum of 192 loads (expandable to 768 zones).
·Typical commercial applications: Office Buildings, Houses of Worship, Retail Stores, Parking Lot Lights, Stadium Lighting, Restaurants.




 Product Features


  • Maximum number of controlled zones per Master Control Panel (MCP): 192 (expandable to 768 zones)
  • Dimming method: phase pontrolled
  • Standard dimmer capacities and 15 amps (1,200 and 1,800 watts)
  • Dimming panel configurations: 12, 24, 36, or 48
  • Maximum number of scenes per MCP: 200
  • Maximum number of inputs per MCP: 384
  • Maximum number of timed events: 50
  • System wiring: 22 gauge; stranded multiple conductor
  • Keypad/control wiring: low voltage
  • 3-phase compatible
  • Astronomical clock (real-time)
  • Key fob remote
  • 3rd party RS-232 ports: 2
  • Vacation/Alert modes
  • All On/Off mode
  • Soft On/Off
  • Contact closure input
  • Power Requirements: - 120V Model: 60 Hz or 240V Model: 50 Hz
  • UL 508 listed
  • CUL C22.2 No. 14.5 listed
  • C-Tick compliant
  • California Title 24 compliant
  • 5-year limited warranty


Optional Features


  • Switch Status Terminal (SST) Accessory provides whole home moni- toring
  • Low Voltage Relay Board (LVRB - provides contact closure output): 16 relays per board (8 NO and 8 NO/NC)
  • High Voltage Relay Board: 16 relays
  • Fan Speed Controller Boards (FSCB): max 4 fans per board
  • IR remote control receiver - allows use of IR remotes conforming with the Philips/Marantz .ccf or .pcf command protocol to interface with the Elegance system
  • A variety of keypad options. Please reference keypad spec sheets for available colors and button configurations.



                  EUROPA KEY PAD                            CLASSICA  KEY PAD                                FINENSE KEY PAD
     ULTRA MERCIDESE KEY PAD                      MYSTIQUE KEY PAD                               ULTIMAE KEY PAD
              FAN CONTROL                              HIGH VOLTAGE RELAY BOARD           LOW VOLTAGE RELAY BOARD
                  IR RECEIVER