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Home > Smarthome > Dimming and Lighting control > Futronix Lighting control
P100 Dimmer

 P100 Dimmers

The P100 dimmer features stylish hand-finished switch plates of robust 2mm thick solid metal, available in the following finishes:
  • Stainless Steel Polished dimmer– hand-polished to a high lustre
  • Stainless Steel Brushed dimmer – matte finish resists marking
  • Brass Polished dimmer – hand-polished to a high lustre and lacquered
  • White Metal dimmer – powder-coated stainless with engraved logo
The P100 is the ideal dimmer for dining rooms, entertainment rooms and bedrooms. The dimmer, easily operated by a touch of the remote control, has two fully-programmable channels of lighting control and a generous 20 scene capability.
p100 dimmer installed in a bedroom
Standard size switches with stylish hand-finished, solid-metal face plates complement any décor. A host of other convenient options includes a 24-hour 7-day dimmer timer that schedules your selected scenes for wake-up, welcome, and security. 

With the Futronix P100 dimmer, you can dim the lights from the comfort of your chair - control the atmosphere of your room at the touch of a button – or set your bedroom lights to gently fade up to wake you in the morning. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your house lights will automatically switch to a security setting at night - even when you are out! 

The P100’s 2 channel dimmer can be programmed to any level of brightness from 0 to 100%, with the levels automatically stored as one of 20 scenes per channel, each offering a different 'look' to your entire room or space. 

Set your desired scenes for entertaining, relaxing, watching TV or reading - or for security or energy saving. Once set up, recall your favourite scenes simply by touching a single button on either the switch panel or the supplied remote control unit. 

The 2mm thick solid metal face plates are elegantly finished with highly polished or smoothly brushed surfaces to complement any room design.
Remote Control
Your choice of dimming levels can be selected with the remote control supplied with the P100 dimmer. Program dimming levels, master raise and lower, fade rate and sleep timer duration – all from the convenient remote control. Or adjust any of the lighting levels without storing them. Choose power up dimming options, either the last dimming level selected or OFF. Additionally, the P100 dimmers remote control commands can be ‘learnt’ by any universal learning remote control.
See Universal remote controls. 

I-Phone Connectivity

Use your iPhone or iPod touch to take control of Futronix dimmers and other home electronics devices. Your choice of scenes can be selected from the menus or automatically using one key MACRO commands. Eliminate that cluttered mess of remotes, by consolidating all your remotes into one single i-Phone application. Select your favorite lighting scenes, close the blinds, power up the surround sound system, turn up the volume and flip through channels using one of these Futronix compatible devices.
New Potato  Unity remote-Gear Unity remote Macros 
FLPR - New Potato                                   Unity Remote Gear 4      Unity Remote Macros        

With RedEye you can even control your Futronix dimmers when you are away from home! 
Program the P100’s timer to select any scene at any time and on any day of the week - up to 70 different events each week (10 per day). Uses range from ‘welcome’ scenes - which automatically switch house lights on when you return home - to selecting security settings or even waking you up gently in the morning by fading up your bedroom lights.
Energy Saving
Dimming lighting saves energy. Bulb life is also prolonged by 30% because fading a lamp is gentler on the filament than just switching it on or off.
% Lights Dimmed
%Electricity Saved
Extends Lamp life
> 20X
Program a security setting to automatically sequence through your pre-set dimmers scenes, displaying each one for any variable length of time. The security sequence can last several minutes or many hours, giving the impression that the property is occupied.
  • 2 channel dimmers @ 300W – max. 600W
  • no minimum load on any channel
  • controls 2 circuits (channels) with 20 programmable scenes
  • infra-red remote control
  • built-in LED information display and infra-red receiver
  • variable fade rate from 0.5 seconds to 2 hours (to gradually fade lights on/off)
  • temporary circuit adjustment without save
  • master raise and lower
  • dimmer exit delay
  • dimmer sleep timer
  • built-in 24-hr 7-day timer (battery backed)
  • security settings (auto scene sequencing)
  • permanent memory (in the event of a power blackout you don't lose pre-set scenes or need to re-program your dimmers)
  • 2 channel dimmer @ 300W – max. 600W
  • Controls: Tungsten, halogen and low voltage
Mains Supply Input
200-240 Vac
Mains supply input frequency
50hz or 60hz
Mains supply input current
6A incoming supply
Number of channels
Dimming output (max)
300w per channel (600w max)
Dimming output (min)
No minimum load
Switching output (max)
300w per channel (600w max)
Load type
Tungsten, mains halogen, low voltage (magnetic & leading edge dimmable transformers).
Wall box sizes
(W,H,D) mm
Single gang BS standard wallbox
75, 75, 47mm depth