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Home Automation Systems


  Welcome to your automated home! No longer will you be wasting energy, stubbing your to while walking in the dark, or saying to yourself while sitting on the couch "I wish I had some good music to listen to". Your home automation system will solve these, and other dream will be verefied and no problems again .


A home automation system starts with the home controller. This is the device that is responsible for integrating the various subsystems (lighting, audio, climate control, etc). It also holds all of our advanced programming and configuration.


To verify the concept of home automation:


A Smart home controls all your home systems like Security, lighting ,temperature ,music ,video, access and communication with your touch screen ,key pad ,tv, plasma, mobile phone,Telephone ,remote control, an elegant looking switch or just use your voice.Control the pool water temperature, irrigate your plants, open your curtains, sense the daily weather. Keep an eye on the local traffic and much more.


  When you press "Good Night" on your touch screen,the main panel that tells the lights and audio system to slowly turn off, thermostats to adjust, and security system to arm.This module (produced by HAI) gives an excellent tour of a fully automated home.Of course here at KOtech smart home A.R.E Automation Control we are always pushing the boundaries of what these systems can do. Our custom programming and advanced integration products give you even more than what is shown in the demo.


Automation Demo House (Click here to see flash full size)









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