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Learn About KOtech smarthome Floor Heat Mats. 
Electric Radiant Heat makes tile warmer.
 kotech smart home A.R.E. heats your tile floors! Enjoy warm
tile floors - get a radiant floor heating system.
Electric Floor Warming is affordable, safe and comfortable.
Our Energy Star rated controls make SunTouch Automatic and ON when
you want using our programmable
smart thermostat 7 days, 4 settings per day with its Built In Timer
and temperature control.

  How much Electricity does kotech smarthome electric radiant floor heating use? 

  Using Floor Heat costs just pennies per day!

  Calculate the Low cost for your Floor Warming Mats. Just look up your

  power cost in cents on your electric bill

  (California's rates are higher than most states and average 15 cents / Kwh)

  So,  25 SF on 8 hours per day would

  cost 20 cents. Only 20 cents for a warm floor! In Springfield,

  MO where kotech mats is manufactured the cost is

  only 8 cents per Kwh and Floor Heat Cost is less than 2 penny per SF per

  day! Use our calculator to see what

 your electricity cost would be using SunTouch mats.

  • it is tile or stone
  • in kitchens, bathrooms, master baths, or your whole house.
  • Any size and for any room layout.
  • SunTouch provides a very flexible installation and can accommodate
  • on-the-fly changes to your custom layout.
When encased in masonry, these Electric Radiant Heat Mats will also warm
Laminate,  Hardwood , Carpet and Vinyl floors. 
It's simple to get that comfortable feeling from warm tile. We can provide
you a drawing to act as your installation
road map. Roll out the mat on your subfloor and cut the orange mat between
the blue heating elements to fit your room.
Secure the mat with tape or staples. Then top it with thin set mortar and
the flooring you have chosen.