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CentraLite Lighting control


Residential Overview


Put your home in beautiful light with an affordable system from CentraLite. Our quality products are highly reliable and rich in features usually found only in high-end systems including options for security, thermostat control, sprinklers and other automation products.


  • Imagine coming home to a safe home with lights already on.
  • Imagine leaving your home for vacation and not having to worry about lights left on and lights automatically coming on/off as if you were still there.
  • Imagine lying in bed and hearing a noise, having the ability to turn all lights on in your home, except for your master bedroom lights.
  • Imagine using one button to turn certain lights on/off for an event.
  • Imagine increasing your light bulb life with our preset dimming capability.
  • Imagine saving Energy and reducing your utility usage with our preset dimming capability.
  • Imagine monitoring lights that are on/off in your children's environment.



Whether you are building a new home or remodeling, CentraLite Systems has a lighting control solution for you. CentraLite Systems has designed 2 types of lighting control systems for the consumer. We have the Hardwired series and the Wireless series. The Hardwired series, known as Elegance or Elegance XL, is designed for new construction projects and the Wireless series, known as JetStream, is designed for retrofit/remodel projects. Both lighting control systems share the great features of the CentraLite Systems designs.

The Hardwired series (Elegance or Elegance XL) and Wireless series features include:


  • Dimming capable
  • Home Control or Alarm Panel Integration
  • Vacation Mode
  • Alert Mode
  • Timed Events
  • Astronomical Clock


Hardwired Accessories:


  • Fan Speed Control
  • Low-Voltage Control - used to control motorized blinds, shades, drapes, pumps, motors, etc...
  • High-Voltage Control - used to control non-dimmable 120V loads, such as pumps, CFL, Fluorscents, etc...
  • Key Fob Remote


Wireless Accessories:


  • Table Top Control
  • Car Visor Remote



Commercial Overview

CentraLite provides affordable, high quality energy management systems for a variety of commercial applications. Our products provide the opportunity to significantly reduce energy costs while increasing the aesthetic appeal of the workplace environment through strategically - programmed dimming levels, scene generation, automated on/off lighting control, HVAC control, and real time Return on Investment (ROI) information.
Quite simply, CentraLite's products enable commercial building owners to use less energy and spend less money. Using our products, a commercial building owner can generate between 25%-35% in total energy savings.
In addition to spending less money on energy costs, the implementation of a quality energy management system in a commercial space can allow a commercial owner to take advantage of utility company incentives and government rebates that are available in many areas of the US and around the world. The combination of energy cost savings and government incentives can generate significant additional cash flow for commercial building owners.
Whether you are building a new commercial space or retrofitting an existing building, CentraLite can provide you with the right solution for your needs.


Commercial Energy Management Solutions:



  • Wireless, ZigBee based solution for controlling HVAC and lighting in a commercial space.
  • Provides real-time ROI information for commercial building owners.
  • Scalable and easy to install
  • Perfect solution for retrofit (existing building) or new construction applications.
  • Single Room Control, Zone Control, and/or Total Building Control
  • Occupancy based setbacks for HVAC and Lighting
  • Scheduled settings for HVAC setpoints and lighting controls
  • Remote monitoring and controls
  • Typical applications: Office Buildings, Retail Strip Centers, Medical & Dental offices, Warehouses, Restaurants


  • Low cost solution for providing dimming solutions and on/off lighting control in large, complex new construction, commercial spaces.
  • Astronomical clock provides automated scene control based on an absolute time or based on sunrise and sunset.
  • Scalable - control a minimum of 24 loads and a maximum of 192 loads (expandable to 768 zones).
  • Typical commercial applications: Office Buildings, Houses of Worship, Retail Stores, Parking Lot Lights, Stadium Lighting, Restaurants

Elegance XL

  • Low cost solution for providing dimming solutions and on/off lighting control in small to medium sized, new construction commercial applications.
  • Slim enclosure makes the Elegance XL panel easy to install into tight spaces.
  • Astronomical clock provides automated scene control based on an absolute time or based on sunrise and sunset.
  • Scalable - control a minimum of 24 loads and a maximum of 192 loads.
  • Typical commercial applications: Medical and dental offices, small retail stores, restaurants.


Energy Rebates & Incentives

In addition to reducing your overall energy bill, CentraLite's energy management system can help you qualify for federal and state rebates as well as additional incentives from your utility company. A CentraLite representative can help you find, apply for, and implement any rebates or incentives that may be available in your area.
Second only to labor expenses, energy costs are the largest operating expense in the hospitality industry. Up to 80% of costs are associated with heating and cooling individual guest rooms or rental units. Obviously guest comfort is paramount but what happens when guests are away? Unchecked energy use is a consequence of unoccupied guest rooms because most people don't adjust the thermostat or turn out the lights before leaving for 10 to 12 hours a day.
See Your Energy Performance
Gaining control of skyrocketing utility costs starts with easy to understand data. CentraLite's visually superior software and robust reporting allows you to actually see property en- ergy use. No other system collects more information or can send more alerts when a room is out of compliance. User-friendly reports are available to show total energy use, unit-by-unit comparisons, average and annual energy savings, unauthorized room use and other recorded information.
Wireless InstallationsEasy to maintain
Easy installation and simple maintenance are key to CentraLite's energy management solutions. Many products claim to be "wireless," but still depend on costly hardwired connections from each guest room. This can add days and weeks of downtime during the installation of an energy manage- ment system. CentraLite's solution not only is completely wireless, it can be installed at the same time housekeeping cleans the room. Our design is based on innovative Zigbee wireless technology so installation is quick, and discreet.
The scalable design also allows it to be phased in by floor, wing, building, or by property. CentraLite can even start by controlling heating and air conditioning, and add lighting control at a later time. Because installation and routine care are so simple, property maintenance teams can quickly be trained to install and monitor components, saving you additional labor costs.


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