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Goelst curtains


Curtain rail systems:







 6200 & 6300 The electric curtain rail system.

 6200 and 6300 motorized 24-V curtain track systems. Goelst system 6300 is a powerful yet quiet motor suitable for operating both straight and curved tracks. System 6200, with a lower noise level, offers even more power with more luxurious features including: soft launching and docking of the curtains and personalised intermediate stop positions.
Furthermore system 6200 can handle curtain weights up to 100 kgs when using a tandem set-up. All systems are made to measure and can be installed without the need of an electrician. Both systems can be controlled by most Home Automation systems and feature integrated RS232 and CAN-BUS ports offering further control options. Manual override (PRS) and G-Rail “Swing” pleating system are available as options.


Skylight systems:
6500, 6600 Skylight systems for effective solar control.
G-Rail skylight system 6500 features all the benefits of standard G-Rail low voltage (24V) electric motor technology. With integrated “CAN-BUS” intelligence for stand alone installations, system 6500 offers compatibility with most home automation control systems. Ease of operation is performed using infrared control, switch or optional radio control. Suitable for horizontal, curved and sloping glazed situations including atrium roofs, conservatories, etc., system 6500 is particularly suited to sunscreen fabrics for effective solar / thermal control. Systems 6600 and 6602 are designed specifically for smaller openings or lighter-weight fabrics – for straight applications only.
Roman blind system:
7400-E Electric Roman blind system.
Goelst electrically operated Roman blind system 7400-E. Offering two motor options for medium and heavy-weight fabric covers – the smooth running tape guides ensure the blind remains perfectly level at all times. Intermediate stopping of the blind at any desired height with the press of a button or switch – Infrared and radio remote control or integration into a home-automation system are all available with 7400-E. The system is available as 230V or 110V and is equipped with an automatic top and bottom limit switch.
Panel track systems:
7300-series The contemporary roller panel system,for sophisticated light control.
Roller panel system 7300 offers a contemporary alternative to the classic curtain. Using flat fabric panels, intricate designs and textures are shown to their fullest extent. The system offers several methods of operation. Free unlinked panels provide shading where needed while still maintaining a visual aspect. Linked panels are used with electrical (in combination with G-Rail 6200), corded or draw-rod operation and can also be used as a room divider providing flexible accommodation. Discover the sophisticated versatility of the 7300-series.   
Shower rail:
G-Rail aluminum shower rail profiles 4100, 4200 and 5100. Supplied with water resistant fittings are standard. The G-Rail shower rails are manufactured in continuous lengths to suit all bath and shower room applications..
Control of G-Rail series 6000, electrically operated curtian tracks:
G-RAIL series 6000 electrically operated curtain tracks with “built-in” CAN-BUS switching allows for stand alone programming and control or integration with most Home Automation systems. Infrared remote control is optional with all 6000 series electrically operated curtain tracks. Optional manual switching and wireless radio control (RF) are also available allowing multi-control options.

Radiographic control for the G-Rail electric curtain system:
Group and individual G-Rail curtain tracks systems can be operated any appropriate location within rang using the Nice RF send modules in combination with the G-Rail RF receiver, you can activate a group of G—RAIL curtain rails or the whole system from anywhere in house. Choose from five send modules available, containing 1, 2, 3, 6 or 80 channels.