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Intelligent Hotel

  Intelligent Hotel

HDL Hotel Room Management Software provide lighting control, AC control, Curtain Control and Service demand to save energy, improve service and security, all information, such as Guest ID, service demand, Door Status, Safe box status and room temperature etc. this system help hotel manager and Staff to deal with all the Dynamic and complicated information and make management become easy.  

System Features

1. Easy to Manage
    1.1 Intelligent ID identification
Identify Hotel Staff and Guest by card automatically and also the card has different right level for different ID, for example, Hotel staff and guest can control different appliance in the hotel room(defined by software)

    1.2 Status Check to Hotel staff

Hotel staff status can be checked via software that make manager easy to know the job condition and efficiency,  the system know who and when enter the room, providing the information to check.

     1.3 System Failure Alarm

The system will pop up the alarm to administrator when failure happen.

    1.4 Centre Control
The software can control and monitor all devices in the Hotel building and room, like lighting, AC, Door bell, Curtain and Fan
    1.5 History check
Offer device running record and room status record, Improve occupancy rate.
     1.6 Share for Manage Data
The system can communicate with third party hotel management software by open interface
2. Humanity
         2.1 lighting scene
Provide comfortable, warm scene and environment by dimming and switch on/off from wall panel
       2.2  Curtain control
Control Curtain from wall panel, enjoying smart living
      2.3 Sensor control
achieve intelligent control and save-energy by sensor and logic control
     2.4 Door lock reminding
Voice reminding will be triggered when Guest forget to close door
     2.5 Wardrobe lighting
Wardrobe of lighting will be on when Guest open wardrobe, easy to pick-and-place cloths
    2.6 Temperature control
Guest can control air condition by wall panel, hotel receptionist can select check-in Status to clear room air quality before Guest check in. also AC will be off automatically when over the setting value.
    2.7 Service info
Service reminding, please do not disturb (DND), Please clear, Service Custom, check out reminding
Room info reminding: provide convenience to staff and avoid staff to disturb guest
Please Wait: remind visitor to wait
      2.8 SOS
When guest take place emergency, SOS will be pop up and alarm will be triggered out if press the SOS panel
      2.9 Low current control
All wall panels are controlled by low current (DC 24V)
2.10  Check out application
Hotel staff will receive check out requirement and prepare in advance when guest press this button to saving time for guest
3. Energy Saving
        3.1 Sensor Control
Bathroom light and vent fan can be controlled by sensor, for example, light and fan will be on when detect motion, also the delay time to fan can be set by wall panel, light and fan will be off out of the setting time when leave
       3.2 Air condition intelligent control
For a comfortable environment, after guests check in, air condition automatically open to adequate temperature. If when guests check in, but not entre the room for a long time, so air condition automatically get off. During their stay, guests draw card and leave room, air condition will increase temperature, if not come back in fixed time, Air condition will be closed
3.3 Master card power off delay

Lighting, fan, TV, air conditioning and other equipments have a delaying time to power off when guest take out card and leave room.