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HDL Stage Lighting Soultions
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Professional Control Solution for HDL Stage Lighting System 



 The rapid development of modern movies and stage industry propels more and more theatres and TV studios to apply new information high-way TCP/IP Ethernet network technology into lighting control system.

    HDL is one of the most advanced manufacturers in the regard.
    Recent years, HDL has devoted itself in research and development of LAN and WAN dimming technological products, thus forming the new generation of full fiber HDL-NET Ethernet system products with TCP/IP as mainstream protocol.
    HDL-NET is composed of dozens of optical Ethernet lighting equipment products including “Harmonious” wireless optical network dimming table, “East dragon” network dimming table, “Dawn” optical network intelligent dimming cabinet, “Stars” flow dimmer, optical network switch cabinet, optical network distribution box, control room lighting control optical network working station, stage dedicated optical exchanger, system general server, portable network information terminal, network system monitor, optical network DMX encoder/coder, network off line editor and technical director mobile network. The system is building on a security, reliable and easy to extend optical network communication platform of kilomega.
    HDL-NET supports “ACN” advanced network control protocol and Art-Net protocol from the world famous ESTA origination. The system is based on TCP/IP protocol. Advanced flow control function could effectively reduce network load, so that each LAN could transmit 64-channel DMX-512(32,768circuit)signal. The system could operate via 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX that is fit for Ethernet IEE802.3 standard. The system use UDP protocol to compress DMX broadcasting data with priority. Each HDL-NET network node has amicable Chinese and English operating interface.
    With its self developed serial of network port and system management software designed according different customers, HDL-NET has built synchronous linkage and resource sharing of various demonstration system relative control network including safety use of electricity, stage mechanical control system, office working network and GPRS mobile communication network, network camera monitoring, IP phone, environment lighting linkage, multi-media matrix linkage, intelligent broadcast, laser control, music fountain,  
     LED linkage, and SMS alarm. Each HDL-NET user could enjoy the continuous renewal value added service from system security, intelligent laboratory linkage control, technical management, information management and operating management due to “multiple network as one”.