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Nuvo technologies


NuVo Simplese
Generation D Design Protocol, Four Sound Sources, Four Listening Zones

The Simplese home audio system brings you the advanced Generation D technology of superior home sound together with a sleek, slim look, and the simplicity of user-friendly design-all at a price that's easy to live with. Now your whole family can experience NuVo's startlingly clear, multi-source home sound with the Generation D Simplese, our most affordable and simple home sound system yet.

Simplese Features
  • Four Source, Four Zone (capacity for expansion up to eight zones)
  • Generation D design protocol with Digital Amplification for cooler, more efficient operation with higher power output
  • Built-in amplification, 30 watts per zone
  • 56 Khz and 38 Khz modulation outputs for better compatibility with ore source equipment
  • Trim-line, 6,1/2 pound chassis takes up less vertical space in rack
  • Unique Allport™ wiring system means fewer wires to clutter installation
  • Built-In IR receiver for each keypad
  • Keypad control for bass and treble adjust per zone
  • Auto loudness boosts high and low frequencies at low volume levels for a better listening experience
  • Mute function immediately silences system for phone or doorbell rings
  • Local source interrupt to dedicate a local audio source to a zone
  • Rotary address selector for easy zone addressing with no programming required
  • RS-232 serial port for easy integration with home automation systems

  NuVo Essentia

Six Sound Sources, Six Listening Zones
The Essentia delivers the startlingly clear sound of NuVo from up to six different sources, and to six different listening zones in the house. It’s diverse, expandable, and surprisingly affordable. And now, Essentia with superior energy efficiency is the first whole home audio system to consume less than 1 watt of power while in standby mode.
Utilizing the same NuVoNet interface as Grand Concerto to provide full data feedback from any NuVo source unit, the Essentia Suite is a harmonious solution that’s simple to install and afford. The system is also incredibly easy to control, through the use of NuVo's dual or single gang OLED Control Pads, or the Color Touch Pad.
Essentia features Philips Class D digital audio amplification to deliver clear, precise sound throughout your home, which adds energy efficiency while running. It’s like no other multi-source system on the market.
Essentia’s RS-232 bidirectional control interface allows it to be controlled from most home automation systems – just one of the many features that make Essentia an incredible value in today’s home audio market.
NuVo systems come complete with all necessary components for installation, including keypads. All that’s needed are speakers, wire, and audio source equipment, and you can enjoy the power of Essentia in no time.
 Essentia E6G Features
  • Six audio source inputs for multi-source capability and up to six zones of music (expandable to 12 zones).
  • 40 watts of power per zone for high-quality sound.
  • Elegant and simple control pad with Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display, unique easy-to-clean, tactile buttons that sit flush with polycarbonate surface.
  • Philips Class D amplification provides cool running, power efficiency in high output operation.
  • State-of-the-art switching power supply to reduce heat output and protect against equipment failure.
  • Sleek design weighs only 6.5 lbs and is 1U single rack height.
  • Communicates with all NuVo sources.
  • Allport™ connection hub consolidates all speaker and control pad connections into one connection hub.
  • Built-in infrared receiver blocks adverse interference of plasma displays, sunlight, or fluorescent lighting.
  • Fixed and variable line-level outputs provide greater flexibility during use with an external amplifier, volume controls, and additional speakers.
  • RS-232 bi-directional control interface allows control from most home automation systems.
  • Remote Control included for added control of the Essentia from a comfortable chair or office desk.              
NuVo Concerto
Six Sound Source, Eight Listening Zones
NuVo’s latest masterpiece is an elegant, intelligent whole home audio system that combines our proven performance and the industry’s most innovative technology with class. Intelligent navigation communicates directly with NuVoNet for smart feedback. With control so easy, through NuVo's dual or single gang OLED Control Pads, or the    Color Touch Pad


, you may never leave the house.

Grand Concerto Features:
  • Six audio source inputs for multi-source capability, and up to eight zones of music (expandable to sixteen zones)
  • 80 watts of power per zone – music played loud or soft with NuVo’s signature impeccably crisp, clean sound.
  • Generation D design protocol featuring digital amplification – runs cooler, saves energy, outputs more power.
  • Capacitive Touch Control Pads – glass-smooth touch pad with smart-source feedback.
  • Streamlined navigation – browse sources by play list, track, artist, album, genre, or station.
  • Global Favorites and unlimited source Favorites
  • Flexible set-up options – Source Grouping, security, Volume Reset, Master, Mode, and much more.
  • 2.7” vivid OLED Control display – easily visible in any room lighting, displays up to 8 lines of text.
  • Two un-powered zones – used with the NV-P2100 auxiliary satellite amplifier powers up to 6 speakers in a zone, ideal for large living spaces or outdoor applications.
  • Built-in infrared receiver – designed to block adverse interference of plasma displays, sunlight, or fluorescent lighting.
  • Fixed and variable line outputs – for use with high-power external amplifiers.
  • NuVoNet2 Platform – Grand Concerto features plug-and-play compatibility with smart source components for a Complete Home Audio Solution.
AccentPLUS1 Speakers
Give your home its own distinct Accent. NuVo has an AccentPLUS1 speaker to meet any listening need or home décor, bringing an impeccably clean audio experience to your home, inside or out.
The soundscape you create is all up to you with in-ceiling, in-wall, on-wall and garden rock speakers. Complementary in any installation application, these speakers seamlessly blend with small-perforation grills that are paint-friendly.
NuVo’s AccentPLUS1 in-wall and in-ceiling speakers fill every room with impressively full, impeccably clean sound for an audio experience that is never compromised.
AccentPLUS1 Outdoor Loudspeakers from NuVo deliver an outstanding performance in any environment, so you can take the sound of living to your patio, sunroom, or pool...anywhere you enjoy outdoor living at home.
NuVo’s legendary AccentPLUS® speakers deliver their signature sound in an ingenious disguise that’s right at home in nature.
What makes NuVo speakers so different?
To find out what makes AccentPLUS speakers by NuVo so unique, just look at the features. Then look at the price, and you’ll understand. That’s because we understand that home audio should only sound like a million bucks. NuVo puts advanced home audio distribution within reach. See for yourself!
Learn about AccentPLUS2 Indoor and Outdoor Speakers.
Audio Amplifiers
Digital Power Amplifiers
Continuing NuVo's reputation for powerful and efficient amplification, our new Digital Power Amplifiers are an easy match to most any installation. With two options operating at 2x120 or 4x60 watts, these amps bring clarity and strength to even large rooms or outdoor spaces through compact, flexible units. Both versions offer selectable speaker impedance of 4 or 8 ohms and consume less than one watt of power in standby mode, standing out as eco-friendly amplification solutions.
D2120 Digital Power Amplifier
Click to view the D460 Digital Power Amplifier
D460 Digital Power Amplifier
A 40 Watt stereo Local Source Amplifier designed to fit into a standard single gang box to amplify any local audio source, through that zone's speakers. Available in two versions. For use with a local power supply, NV-LSA40S, for individual zone use, or without the power supply for use with the NV-LSA40PDS.
A four zone power distribution hub capable of sending power to up to four individual LSA40 Local Source Amplifiers.
Dual AM/FM Tuner

Big Sound, Small Impact
Radio enters the twenty-first century with the NV-T2FAM, a revolutionary dual tuner from NuVo. Finally, you can enjoy whole-home distribution of advanced radio technology in one innovative tuner. And, consuming less than 1 watt of power while in standby mode,the T2 is yet another NuVo audio solution that delivers superior energy efficiency.Exceptional technology delivers crystal clear reception and state-of-the-art sound, so you can enjoy your favorite broadcast programs, whether they're on AM or FM. No matter which tuner option you choose, with reception this remarkable, the T2 delivers a music experience that is out of this world.
NV-T2FAM Tuner features:
  • Dual simultaneous outputs.
  • Advanced, state-of-the-art tuners for better, clearer reception.
  • World-class design standard incorporating both USA and European tuning options.
  • Superior power efficiency that uses less than 1 watt power on standby mode.
  • Sleek, single-rack design.
  • Capacitive touch front panel with OLED display for clean, solid-state control and high readability.
  • Direct infrared input, eliminating the need for IR emitters.
  • RS-232 for whole home automation integration.
  • Remote control included for wireless control.
  • NuVo Suite or standalone operation.
  • NuVoNet smart source communication for complete control and navigation from the Control Pads.
  • Metadata: Radio Data Service (RDS) display information.
  • Customizable station presets.
  • Configurable tuning and setup options.
  • Our exclusive, Remote Active Antenna, which can deliver crystal clear AM/FM reception up to 200 feet from the tuner location.


imageDecora-style, single gang backlit Keypad for use with our Simplese system. Features simple button navigation for volume control and source selection, treble, bass and party mode. Comes with 4 color trim plates and inserts.
*Compatible with NuVo Simplese
imageClever Decora-style, single gang OLED Control Pad. NuVoNet delivered metadata allows for quick browsing by Artist, Song, Album, Genre, or Playlist on the vivid 1” screen. Displays up to 4 lines of text. Features flexible, programmable options for enhanced operation.
*Compatible with NuVo Grand Concerto, Essentia, and Renovia systems
imageSophisticated, smooth-as-glass surface with capacitive touch, dual gang OLED Control Pad. NuVoNet delivered metadata allows for quick browsing by Artist, Song, Album, Genre, or Playlist on the 2.7” screen. Displays up to 8 lines of text. Features flexible, programmable options for enhanced operation.
*Compatible with NuVo Grand Concerto, Essentia and Renovia systems
imageNuVo's sleek Wireless Control Pad fits in the palm of your hand to provide all the same control and metadata as our on-wall Control Pads, but in a portable package. Features flexible, programmable options for enhanced operation.
*Compatible with NuVo Grand Concerto, Essentia and Renovia systems.
imageThe full-color 3.6” LCD touch screen of NuVo’s new Color Touch Pad means incredible control, in a striking and simple-to-use on-wall package. Features unique functions such as control of any zone, as well as Internet Radio customization and album art display when coupled with the powerful Music Port audio source. Features flexible, programmable options for enhanced operation.
*Compatible with NuVo Grand Concerto, Essentia and Renovia systems.
imageNuVo’s Learning Remote Control, with over 1,000 pre-programmed source codes, is capable of controlling up to six supplemental devices in addition to your NuVo whole home audio system.
*Compatible with NuVo Simplese system
NuVo App
Operating your whole home audio system through the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch you already love is the latest dream come true from NuVo. The NuVo App features full-color album art and allows for Internet Radio customization, with the same easy navigation as the in-wall and wireless Control Pads. Available in both complete system and one-zone-control versions for use with any NuVo system containing the Music Port (NV-MPS4 or NV-MPS4-E).
Wired and Wireless Versions
Now you can maximize your personal player capabilities, utilizing your Whole Home Audio system, from anywhere in your home. Just dock your iPod and enjoy full control and navigation from any Control Pad throughout the house while it's charging.
    -iPod Fast Charging station

    -NuVoNet smart source communication for complete control and navigation, browsing by playlist, track, artist, album, genre, or favorites.

* Maximum wireless signal range may vary.  Network conditions and environmental factors, including building materials and construction may affect signal range.

NuVo Music Port
Music Port
NuVo's Music Port (MPS4) and Music Port Elite (MPS4-E) bring four versatile sources into a home through one compact unit, installing smoothly and operating flawlessly as the perfect complement to your whole home audio system. Both the MPS4 and MPS4-E combine a home network's Windows Media Player and iTunes digital audio content into one easily navigated library on the internal hard drives, while simultaneously offering an entire world of musical variety with streaming Internet Radio (Pandora, SiriusXM, TuneIn Radio). The Music Port Elite equips you with even more choice with enhanced capabilities like cloud sync and IP control modules to integrate with third-party home automation systems (Crestron, AMX, URC).

4 Sources
Internet Radio
Auto Sync
IP Control*
Music PortElite

Controlling your NuVo system with the Music Port (MPS4 or MPS4-E) offers our most integrated user experience, with several attractive, simple-to-navigate options to fit your life and style.

Beyond the easy browsing delivierd with traditional metadata on our OLED in-wall and wireless Control Pads, with the use of the MPS4 or MPS4-E you can also see full-color album art and personalize your pandora stations on the
Color Touch Pad , the new Apple App, and the Music Port client software, which puts you in control from any network-connected computer.
*Compatible with NuVo Grand Concerto, Renovia, and Essentia E6G systems.