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Hybrid phone system and intercome PBX










     PBXs inherently offer the best telephone system functionality available. PBXs handle calls impressively with features such as ring groups, call cascades, auto attendants, voicemail and more. The range of features offered by a PBX varies, usually in proportion with the price of the equipment.

A PBX System includes:
  • Telephone trunk lines that terminate at the PBX
  • A computer with memory that manages the switching of the calls in, out and within the PBX
  • The network of lines within the PBX
  • A console or switchboard for a human operator
As a leading KOtech smarthome Company provides PBX systems built to requirements of small to enterprise-level businesses. No matter what your company structure, Nashita will give you the best plan and implementation.
PBXs used by kotech  (namely Panasonic and Avaia ) inherently offer the best telephone system functionality available.

Key functions of the system are:

  • Present a single business number giving access to all company employees and departments
  • Answer calls with a custom business greeting
  • Offer a menu of options for directing the call, such as connecting to a specific extension or to a department
  • Provide a directory of employee extensions accessible by inputting digits corresponding to employee first or last names
  • Evenly distribute calls to a department among available employees through Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Place callers on hold whilst they wait for an available departmental employee
  • Play music or custom messages whenever callers are waiting on hold
  • Take voice messages for any employee extension, for a department, or for the company in general
  • Allow transfer of calls between extensions
  • Conference multiple incoming calls with employee extensions
  • Provide detailed call records and real-time system management
KOtech  will provide you with the best and most cost effective solution depending on your company requirements.