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Security and CCTV




3-Security & CCTV Cameras

        A-Protect your property (Security)
Safety is another advantage of home automation. Integrated security in intelligent system is much more effective than a simple alarm.
We must not forget that what is at stake is the protection of users of the Building,or the level of assaults and intrusions, both in
terms of accidents such as fire,flood and gas leaks.
To this end, we use sensors fire, smoke, gas,
Protect Your Investment with Proper Security And Safety System while you are in House or
Traveling Away.
Visual,Audible and Silent Alarm Dialer will inform you and The Authorities  in case of any Danger. This System will Also,
Make sure to Assist you by lowering your Insurance Premium.
If you are In house or Away, It Will act as First and SecondLine of  Deterrence
to any Intruder. In case of Fire, Gas Leak, or Break Glass Of your Windows or Patios,
The System Will Directly Alarm and Warn you.

Your home should be a place where you feel comfortable and secure. Combining technology and

quality,KOtech SmartHome A.R.E . specializes in home security systems, residential alarm systems, and more.Install the same professional

security alarm systems that professional installers use. We have a wide assortment of alarm control panels, keypads, sensors, and motion

detectors.Choose a burglar system that's right for your home or business.

Our list of manufacturers such as HAI  ,and  DSC, helps us offer

an extensive range of product options to our customers.Professional alarm system can increase your home's resale value, and insurance

companies give you discounts for having an alarm installed.

Your basic alarm panel is capable of sending signals through a phone line or wireless transmitter to a central station. Many different

types of signals can be sent: burglar, panic, fire, trouble, low battery, power failure, etc.

You have to sign a contract with one of the central monitoring companies to maximize security features.


KOtech  Smarthome A.R.E . can help to find the best possible solution for your safety needs.Our security systems offer  you state-of-the-art


We secure every entry to your home, as well as use smoke, carbon, water, and heat detectors to keep you safe. In the case of

a break in, the system will reach you via phone and dial out to a central station to alert the police or fire departments.The security

system also functions as the backbone of the automated and integrated home. It will communicate the status of the home to all the connected

systems and make them function according to the program we design with you.


Remote access to the system allows you to know the status and arm/disarm the system remotely, by phone or computer.Security Cameras have

become a very popular option. With high quality cameras available for under $150, there is no reason to ever open your front door without

knowing who is outside. These can be connected to a DVR to offer recording as well as remote access over the internet. This allows you to

view your home from anywhere in the world at any time.