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Dimming and Lighting control
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  Smart Lighting and Dimming control


 If you Believe In Light for Life, and If you Care about Reducing Your Electricity Bills, Then This Smart Lighting and Dimming is a Must at your Home. The Home Owner can Program and Control all his House Lighting, Dimming, On/Off Switches For Pumps, Heaters, Pool and Sprinklers at the Schedule of His Choice which can be setup from any Touch screen Console or Home PC. Different Sceneries at each room can be pre-configured for different Ambiance: e.g. romantic, study, and party mode lighting. Occupancy Sensors can Be an add on with full integration. Fully safe and Spark Proof switches: Single, double and Multi Gang up to 8 in one switch can be selected appropriately. Indicative Energy Saving data Show between 22% - 85% reduction in Electrical Bill when using the C-Bus Smart System compared Conventional manual Lighting Switches.







Elegant scene lighting can transform a room into a work of art. With the push of a single button, every light in the room will be dimmed to the right level. We can help you create scenes that highlight artwork, portraits, reading chairs, the dining table, and many other areas.

In addition to elegance, automated lighting adds convenience to your life. When you leave the home or go to bed every light you want will automatically be shut off. How long does it take you now to run around your home shutting off lights?

Automated lighting can also save you money. How much energy do you waste by leaving unused lights on when you are in other areas of the home? Studies conducted by the Home Lighting Control Alliance show that dimming a light by just 10% saves 10% electricity and doubles the life of the bulb. Dimming your lights by 25% saves 20% of the energy used and extends bulb life 10 times!

Our lighting products take advantage of UPB 220v/50hz  technology. This robust communications protocol embeds its signal on the powerline and as a result of this technology requires no additional wiring it is retrofie installation .

Many of our customers will opt to upgrade to automated lighting after their home is complete and their wallets have recovered from the cost of building a home. Installation could not be easier; you simply replace the old switch with the new smart switch and it integrates into your system.

Our lighting control like Dynalight ,Clipsal , Centralite ,Smart-bus  ,Domitca ,Upb 220v ,Futronix ,Pllc, and more we have the ability to make the combination between the controller and most of lighting protocol across the world.

·         Full control of lighting, home and garden.

·         Regulates intensities, adjusting the lighting levels according to natural light     at home, or times of attendance.

·         Choice of different lighting scenarios or dimming.

·         Adjusting color RGB LED's.

·         Maximize efficiency.

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