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Hai HIFI 2




The Hi-Fi 2 is HAI's all new distributed audio system. With double the zones, more than double the power, more sources, and an all new keypad with OLED display, the Hi-Fi 2 is reinvented for today's demanding homeowners. 

The powerful yet compact Hi-Fi 2 plays music from devices you already own (or those you wish to purchase), and is so easy to operate that anyone can enjoy it. With Hi-Fi 2, you have the ability to listen to different sources at the same time at different volume levels throughout your home. Or set all zones to the same source and volume.

Audio sources can now be located throughout the house using Remote Input Modules, or locally inputted at the Hi-Fi 2 amplifier. Local input examples include items like HAI's Music Gateway and satellite/Internet radio tuners. Remote input examples include a home theater system, kitchen TV, iPod dock, etc.
Hi-Fi by HAI's components are modular, giving flexibility for expansion as needs change. The base system provides 8 zones and 8 sources; however, it may be expanded to 16 zones and 8 sources.
Hi-Fi by HAI may be a stand-alone installation or may be integrated with an HAI home control system for enhanced features including control from an iPhone or iPad.

Main System Unit

With Hi-Fi 2 there are no unsightly wires running to an audio rack; the audio controller is tucked away in a closet or basement. It is available in an enclosure or on a structured wiring plate. Additionally, the Hi-Fi 2 has a built-in universal power supply as opposed to the "power brick" of the original Hi-Fi by HAI.
The zone amplification has been increased to 25 watts RMS at 8 ohms per channel. (50 Watts per zone). The 8 ohm rating allows more power delivery to speakers over longer wire runs.
Variable line out amplification outputs are available for zones 1 and 8 (in addition to the built-in amps) as well as page/mute and system on jacks.

Hi-Fi 2 Volume-Source Control (VSC) Unit:

Place the wall mounted OLED Volume-Source Control (VSC, shown at right) in any room that has speakers that you wish to control. A maximum of 16 VSC's may be installed in a Hi-Fi by HAI installation.
You have the ability to play any music that is connected locally or to a Remote Input Module (RIM) - no matter if that RIM is in the same room or not! Play the music on your laptop located in the bedroom through the VSC and speakers in the kitchen. Every VSC can play music from the same source, which allows you to listen to the big game on every speaker in the house.
The OLED VSC displays source name, volume bar chart, bass treble, balance and more. It features four hard buttons for control of volume, source, and power.
The color of the VSC may be changed to complement the interior décor. It comes in white and color change kits are available in almond, light almond, black, ivory, and white.
VSC's act as an infra-red repeaters for source component control. Simply point the source's remote at the VSC and it will route the signal back to the original source component through the RIM.

Hi-Fi 2 Remote Input Module (RIM):
Hi-Fi 2 is a built-in system that uses a Remote Input Module (RIM, shown at right), so music can be located anywhere instead of in an audio rack. A maximum of 8 RIM's may be installed with a Hi-Fi by HAI system.
RIM's can be located throughout the house to pick up music from your home theater, kitchen TV, computer, personal music player, Media Center, CD player - any source with an audio output. You can even put multiple RIM's in the same room. The Hi-Fi 2 also has local inputs, so items in an audio rack (like satellite radios and tuners) can be easily added.
Place RIM's in rooms that will have music sources that you wish to share. When you plug a music source into a RIM using a standard stereo input jack, such as the one on a Hi-Fi by HAI retractable cable, it can be shared with any room that has a Volume-Source Control (VSC), even if that VSC is in a different room than the RIM.
HAI offers two Hi-Fi by HAI 4 foot retractable cables to help you connect your audio sources to a RIM. One is a 3.5 mm male to 2 RCA male patch cable and the other is a 3.5 mm male to 3.5 mm male patch cable.

 HAI Dock:

The HAI Dock provides access to music on an iPod or iPhone over a wired or wireless network. When connected to an HAI audio distribution system, an iPod can be played in any audio zone connected to a Hi-Fi 2 system. Pull meta data from your iPhone or iPod Touch, and browse podcasts and playlists from a Touchscreen. To incorporate the dock, simply plug it in to a RIM. Your device is not only shared, but also charges while docked.
The color of the RIM may be changed to complement the interior décor. It comes in white and color change kits are available in almond, light almond, black, ivory, and white.
RIM's feature a routed IR emitter jack and include a flasher to allow you to use the remote of your source equipment in any room that has a VSC.
Remote Control:

Hi-Fi 2 includes a basic remote that allows you to change sources and volume in the room that you are in. You may also use your source equipment’s remote control by pointing it at the Volume-Source Control (VSC) unit since each VSC unit has IR pass-through. If you are using a programmable remote such as the Philips Pronto, Hi-FI 2 commands can be "learned" into the remote. Additionally, the codes can be learned into an HAI Home Theater Extender (HTX) and be controlled via an Ethernet enabled HAI Touchscreen.
Standard Cat-5 wiring is used to connect the digital amplifier with VSC's and RIM's.
Standard speaker wire is used to connect speakers with the digital amplifier. The terminals on the Hi-Fi board are designed for 16 gauge wire and either 16 gauge or 14 gauge wire may be used.


HAI recommends either 6 ohm or 8 ohm speakers with Hi-Fi 2.
Integrating with an HAI Home Control System
Hi-Fi 2 is available as a standalone Multi-Room Audio system, or can plug and play with HAI's Omni home control systems and Lumina control systems.
The HAI home control system can select the source and set the volume for each zone to coordinate the audio system with your activities:
  • Wake up every morning with the news radio station. 

  • Set every room to the iPod™ and preset the volumes for a party. 

  • When arriving home have the den zone turn on using the satellite radio as its source. 

  • Turn the entire system off when leaving the house. 

  • Mute bedroom and outdoor zones when it's bedtime. 

Use any of HAI's user interfaces to control Hi-Fi 2, including Touchscreens, consoles, keypads, and software like Snap-Link Mobile for iPhone.
Announcements/Paging with a Home Control System and Hi-Fi 2
Hi-Fi 2 allows an HAI controller that has a Two-Way Voice Module installed to broadcast system announcements over all zones. The Two-Way Voice Module will allow someone to broadcast messages through the phone by picking it up and dialing #832. If enabled, messages will broadcast through a zone, even if it is turned off.