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Mirror Televisions
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mirror tv bathroom


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  • mirror tv bathroom
  • mirro tv bathroom2
  • mirro tv bathroom  3
  • mirro tv bathroom  4
  • mirro tv bathroom  5
  • mirro tv bathroom  6
  • mirro tv bathroom  7
  • mirro tv bathroom  8

 Mirror Telvisions


                                          1-BATHROOMS AND SWIMMING POOL

   perhaps watch the morning news in your vanity mirror while you are preparing

for the day ahead This is now easily possible with a sleek integrated bathroom

Mirror TV. Operatingelectrical goods within the bathroom environment has its

own challenges.

 Magic Mirror TV safety is assured, all products are IPX2 and IPX4 ratings, meaning

they are fully protected against the heat and moisture of a humid bathroom

environment.So whateverthe size and style of your bathroom,a Magic Mirror TV

will be the perfect addition to achieve  luxurious elegance as well as

fantastic entertainment.  



                 2-  Bedrooms and Living rooms


 Your bedroom is the perfect place to unwind and relax, so why not

do this in style? With a Mirror TV you can add a subtle finishing touch

and bring a sophisticated styleto your own personal living space. The dual

functionality of a television and mirror means that your Bed room can combinethe very latest

technology with the beauty of a mirror. Add entertainmentand sophistication to



 bedroom and create a focal point that complements your own personal taste.


Indulge in luxury and elegance; choose a Mirror TV screen for bedrooms from
 Magic Mirror TV.  


                                   3- Gyms Halls


 Home gyms are a popular option for many homeowners, however replicating the  



   ambience of a commercial gym can be a tough task. With a Magic Mirror TV you can

  do just that whilst creating something entirely unique.

  Combining a mirror and a television will give you entertainment, style and extra space.   

 A Mirror TV will create a perfect modern design for any space, but will also give this
  room a uniqueand striking feature.

 Work out in style; transform your gym into a contemporary space with a Mirror TV for Gym. 



 The kitchen plays a huge role in modern living, it’s a great place for family and friends




the socialise a enjoy themselves. Mirror TVs for kitchens can help enhance the time spent

  in a kitchen. Positioned on a wall, integrated into a kitchen cabinet or even behind

 the splash back, a Mirror TV for kitchens can be installed wherever you choose. Installing

 a Mirror TV can  help save valuable space.

  You don?t have to worry about dirt, dust and grease as all products are easy to clean,

 ideal for the kitchen environment.



                                5-Living Rooms 

  Living rooms are the ideal spaces to entertain and relax. When friends, family

 come to visit, and guests  entertain them with the elegance and surprise that comes with

 bringing your chic mirror to life. Add astylish feature and create an ultra-modern

  conversation piece within your home. Traditional television screens take up space and can

  disrupt the design of any living room.

  By choosing   a Mirror TV you don’t have to compromise on the look of your living room.

 Versatility of a Mirror TV means you can position our products anywhere you like. Popular

 above fireplacesor on flat walls, recessed or hung like a traditional mirror, possibilities

are endless Whether you are looking for a contemporary or a traditional design,
 a Magic Mirror TV is guaranteed  to work in  harmonywith your living . 



                           Dream and we will do it for you.