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IDOM The system puts the technology at your service, in a simple and flexible!

It offers maximum safety, comfort, energy efficiency and mobility, and tailored to your needs and your lifestyle.

The IDOM is the solution for all applications for home automation:

 Lighting Control

  • Full control of lighting, home and garden.

  • Regulates intensities, adjusting the lighting levels according to natural light at home, or times of attendance.

  • Choice of different lighting scenarios or dimming.

  • Adjusting color RGB LED's.

  • Maximize efficiency.

Control Blinds, Shutters and Engines

  • The control of shutters blinds and awnings in view of the light, wind and rain.

  • Ability to perform control of blinds and shutters through scheduling or simulation of presence.

  • Allows you to open and close windows / doors / gates motorized.

  • Allows you to open and close swimming pool covers

  • Maximize the security of the house.

Control Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

  • Automatic control of heating and optimized according to the use of the room or the needs of residents.

  • Open windows block the cooling system.

  • The ventilation system reacts to the presence of people in the room.

Irrigation control

  • Control of individual watering zone

  • Control of irrigation schedule

  • Intelligent management of water resources, optimizing the humidity level in the soil

  • Minimize water consumption

Monitoring of electrical consumption

  • Analysis of consumption of housing and what the results of energy optimization.


Security System - Anti-intrusion

  • Security implemented via internal alarm or integration of external alarms

  • Presence Detect

  • Simulation of the presence of people at home


Security - Technical Alarms

  • Sensors for electrically cutting with flood water

  • Sensors for gas and smoke sensor with cutoff valve for gas

  • Sending SMS alert and email


Integration with Video doorbell

  • Use of touch to the console video intercom system

  • Forwarding to mobile phone

  • You can view any screen in the house


Integration with video surveillance system (CCTV)

  • Use of tactile console also as CCTV monitoring system

  • You can view any screen in the house

  • You can view the internet or on mobile phone


Integration Infrastructure Video / Sound

  • Integration with sound systems

  • Integration with video

  • Interconnection with user-defined scenarios

Activation of scenarios

  • Ability to choose any stage lighting, vents, thermal regulation, get home, leave home with just one click


Monitoring the status of various sensors

  • View the status of various sensors

  • Alert system failures


Creation of user routines

  • Possibility of programming routines to customize the installation


Creation of user scenarios

  • Possibility of creating scenarios to customize the installation



  • Touch Console

  • Mini Pad

  • Internet

  • Phone

  • Television


Full control remotely

  • Wherever you are away from home is the one key on your phone or an internet browser


Configurable System

  • The system enables the re-configuration of all points in the installation of home automation at any time and simply.

  • Allows system expansion and integration with new equipment to install at home

  • Allows the creation of the User Scenarios

  • Allows the creation of the User Routines

  • Allows you to change the User Parameters